Array Products

Array has been a leader in skateboard part innovations since 2009. We create quality, small-batch parts that keep your ride safer and your board working at peak performance. Skateboarding gets better every day. Let’s push it harder.

Why Machined Washers?
We’re perfectionists. We want to provide you with the best possible product for your board.Our machined parts are made to exacting standards, not stamped by the thousands. If you want superior fit and superior performance, you’ll be impressed withour commitment to quality. At Array, we want you to get the most out of your ride, so we created the first machined sleeved gripped washer cup system for skateboard trucks. The patent-pending rings on the Array machined washer offer more grip on the bushing, king pin and the baseplate and the central sleeve gives added rebound on the bushing. The Array system works with all stock skateboard trucks on the market including CNC, LDP, slalom, downhill, and street trucks.

*Bulk Orders: If you are ordering more than 100 washers, please contact Thane Magee at 619-540-8365 or email for bulk pricing and shipping rates.