Pritchard Skate Designs – FWD+ Footstops


We are now proud to offer, straight from England, custom Griffin Footstops produced by Pritchard Skate Designs. Pritchard Designs are coming out with some really innovative cool products and we are happy to be working in conjunction with them to bring these to the market.

The “FWD+” FootStop. Further forward, sometimes you need it.

This FootStop will get in all the positions you need. As far forward as it can get which is great for Long Distance Pumping (LDP), yet can be move back for other uses and a more relaxed feel.

Strong and smooth – It won’t bend

Foot grip: Ridges on the foot contact surface gives superior grip
Adjustable: Plenty of adjustment for any setup (35mm)
Stable: Bolts down with a truck bolt & large washer (2.5? Truss Head bolt, nut & washer are supplied)
Placement Markers: Put your FootStop back where you need it
Size: Contact surface is 19.5mm tall & 85mm wide
Smooth: If you fall on it, it won’t hurt
Weight: Super light, around 23g