Griffin Skateboards Grennett Truck

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Base Model Grennett 4.3 – 5.0: $94.00

grennettbaseStandard Features:

  • Choose Grade: Brass Washer Sleeve and Glues and Shock Pad and Modified Aircraft Bolt
  • Milled/Faced Baseplate
  • Filed Corners
  • Polish Pivot
  • Faced Hangers
  • Faced Hardware mounting holes
  • Paint & Stamping
  • Copper Speedrings
  • PVC Fixed Spherical
  • Nylon washer / Grade 8 Flat washer
  • Hourglassed Stock Bennett Bushing
  • Griffin Grease

To add Ball Pivot Modification add $80

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Fully Machined Model Grennett 4.3 – 5.0: $145.00

grennettfull Includes everything in Base Model plus:

  • Modified Aircraft Bolt
  • Brass Washer Sleeve and Glues and Shock Pad and Aircraft Bolt
  • Old School large axle nuts (thicker nut = more threads)
  • Milled Hangers – 1/4″ off each side
  • Milled Bushing Seats
  • Baseplate bottom is Faced
  • Delrin Pivot Cup
  • Fixed Delrin Spherical
  • Griffin Grease

To add Ball Pivot Modification add $80
Will only work with stock style kingpin

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hangerfacingCustom Hanger Facing: $5.00

Decrease rolling resistance between bearings and the hanger.

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polishedpivotPolished Pivot: $5.00

Less friction between pivot and pivot cup, smooth turns.

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machineseatMachined Bushing Seats: $12.00

Machining the bushing seats provides smooth fit between bushings and hanger.

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basemillBaseplate Milling: $12.00

Milling the baseplate bushing seat makes it perfectly flat and a clean machined finish, this will make the washers sit true and flat with the bushings. Bottom of baseplate is machined smooth for flush fit against riser pads.

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sspivotStainless Steel Ball Pivot: $80.00

303 Stainless Steel 7/16″ Ball Pivot, made specific for the Bennett truck. Wrench cuts and longer fine 32tpi threads. Solid pin and red lock tite added with the install to lock it all into the hanger. Comes with a Delrin pivot cup and Griffin Grease. Will only work with stock style kingpin.

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delrincupDelrin Pivot Cups: $10.00

This is a Delrin machined part, the lip on the cup is made so you can use a flat head screwdriver to remove the cup. This cup is made for stock and modified truck alike.

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fixedFixed Spherical: $9.00

This fits the middle of the hanger and the kingpin on top of the bottom bushings Works like a spherical bearing to help the truck turn more smoothly. Will not chew up your bushing like a spherical bearing.

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griffingreaseGriffin Grease: $2.00

Clear grease, waterproof, prevents rust and corrosion, works with plastic, rubber, metal. Used with pivots.

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White Lithium Grease: $2.00

Lubricant for axles & waterproofing bearing covers.

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Grennett Price Guide 2012

If you want to customize a hanger or truck, here are the individual prices:

Added to Base Model Price. (Price Is Per Truck)

  • Modified Aircraft Bolt
  • Brass Washer Sleeve and Glues and Shock Pad and Aircraft Bolt
  • Standard style king pin modified stainless steel Randal style 2 1/4 short treads king pin with nylon tape
  • Custom Hanger Facing (Per hanger)
  • Custom Hanger Facing/Milling, 1/4″ removed from each side (Per hanger)
  • Custom Hanger Facing/Milling, Anything over 10mm removed (Per hanger)
  • Polished Pivot
  • Machined Bushing Seats
  • Baseplate Milling
  • Stainless Steel Ball Pivot (1) Includes custom machining installation
  • Hourglassed Stock Bushings with extra washers (1)
  • Delrin Pivot Cups (1)
  • Fixed Spherical (1)
  • Copper Lock Rings (2)
  • Griffin Grease
  • White Lithium Grease
  • Tuneup Kit For Bennett Trucks – Includes: Delrin PIvot Cup, Griffin Grease, Fixed Spherical, Copper Lock Rings
  • Khiro hard pivot cups – One Cup (1)
  • Khiro hard pivot cups – Two Cups (2)
  • Khiro Bearing Spacers (custom chamfered inside edge) Price for set of (2)
  • Tracker RTS Delrin Pivot Cup and Griffin Grease
  • Tracker Tune Up Kit (Delrin Pivot Cup Fixed Delrin/Spherical, Copper Lock Rings and Griffin Grease)
  • Randal Delrin Pivot Cup and Griffin Grease
  • Surf Rods Delrin Pivot Cup and Griffin Grease

6.0 not available due to manufacturing flaw

*Send in your Bennett truck to have Grennett modifications done, just subtract $27.95 from the Base model or Fully Machined model prices.

*California sales tax applied to all orders in California


  • US Shipping: Flat rate box is $9.00 for the stock Grennett – with delivery confirmation & insurance
  • International shipping on a flat rate box is $15.00 – with delivery confirmation & insurance
  • Standard kingpin box shipping is $14.00
  • International shipping on a stock kingpin is $22.00
  • Domestic medium envelope $7.00
  • International on medium envelope $15.00